According to Pinterest’s search data, brides are seriously loving alternative floral decor inspiration, and who can blame them? The classic take on ceremony arrangements and centerpieces are feeling a bit stale, and with this new wave of eclectic, dynamic weddings come some gorgeous, fresh perspectives on blooms!


Suspended Flowers
Explore the space of your venue with suspended flowers! Instead of leaving everything vases or vessels on the floors and tables, experiment with hanging strands of greenery around your altar or above your guests tables. This is a beautiful way to draw the attention of your guests up into the space around them and make use of any beautiful fixtures or lighting. It’s also a great way to soften an industrial space, or a way of enlarging a smaller venue.

Floral Cocktails
Infuse your flowers into every component of your big day with some killer floral cocktails! Not only are edible flowers super on-trend right now (have you seen them on waffles??) but it will update the usual wedding cocktails into photo-ready works of art! The cocktails will tie in the decor of the space and your guests will surely remember the aroma and taste as well!

Single-stem Proteas
This is the flower of the moment and it is currently living it’s best life! The protea is exquisite in its colours, and beautiful and dynamic in its interesting shape and composition. Have it stand alone in a crystal vase or more industrial vessel to complement it’s strong lines. This bloom will be a gorgeous statement centerpiece that all of your guests will be dying to take home!

Minimal Arrangements
It’s out with the big, busy bouquets and in with the tasteful, minimal arrangements! These can include utilizing simple greenery as an accent in your decor to using just a few stems in your bouquet. It is a testament to the phrase “less is more,” and can let the other aspects of your wedding shine! For example, if your venue has some stunning architectural details you don’t want to be outdone, opt for a paired-back arrangement of a few single-stem native blooms and some eucalyptus to tie it all in. It will amp up the existing beauty of your wedding day!