Bridal portraits are a must on your wedding day and Frank Pitchford of Soho Photos is sharing 5 reasons why.

A test drive.
Brides, this “test drive” will enable you to make the most of your hair and makeup trials while allowing you to see it all come together with your dress. You will be able to see if you want to wear your hair up or down on the day of and how you’d like your makeup to look.

Your wedding will be a whirlwind of a strict timeline, from hair and makeup, getting dressed, being at the altar on time, and not to mention photos all day. The bridal session affords you the gift of time on your wedding day. By having one less time slot allotted to this task you will gain valuable minutes back to your day as you prepare for that special moment.

Additional looks.
Do you have a favorite vineyard, cityscape overlook, or botanical garden? These locations will be perfect for your session especially if your wedding will be someplace else. However, on the flip side, your venue may allow you to do a bridal session on site which is another way to get the most out of your rental.

More time with your photographer.
Building a rapport with your photographer is so important; it makes the experience of working with them more than transactional. Brides often express that engagement photos are their first time being photographed professionally, which would make their wedding day their second. Spending more time with your photographer affords you the opportunity to gain more experience in front of the camera, confidence, and comfort so by your wedding day you’re more than ready.

Often a fan favorite, you can gift a bridal portrait to parents, grandparents, and even bridesmaids. It’s an exclusive item to gift as most people won’t receive or see any photos of the bride until the gallery is sent from the photographer. It can be a small locket size gift or a print fit for that spot over the fireplace, either way, it’s something great to exchange on your wedding day.