Not every bride is a white dress, church ceremony, ballroom reception kind of bride. Nope. In fact, these days, most aren’t. Having planned more then 800 weddings, Floral & Event Designer Nancy Liu Chin knows a thing or two about what’s trending and what’s not. And the Unconventional Couple? They are officially a thing. So – together with crazy talented planner and designer, Christina Nichols of Parker Nichols Events – the pair is breaking down the components needed to truly design an aesthetically gorgeous though unconventional affair – from color selection to gown choice, any everything in between. Renowned Photographer Kevin Chin (who also happens to be Nancy’s hubs!) is behind all of this gorgeous imagery.


As brides want to personalize their wedding, one way to do it is to stand out and wear something unexpected. The trendsetting brides often opt away from just the traditional white gown and put their own spin on what to wear down the aisle. Whether it’s donning a different colored gown like a blush, a mauve, or even a darker hue like a black (oh so Sarah Jessica Parker), this is surely one way to be a little unconventional.

“I would wear black if I were to do it again as it suits my own personality … my favorite gowns are always dark!” Nancy Liu Chin, Planner


There is nothing like a pastel spring wedding. Or bright summer affair. But isn’t it time to mix it up? Why not have pastels in the late summer or fall? One way to do it is to ground the lighter hue with a deeper and moodier hue. Adding darker hues bring a little glam as well as a little richness. Look at the possibilities of the black chairs with the pastel flowers. Such contrast is so pleasing and makes a normal spring palette, now ready for Fall.


Is there a way to incorporate Vintage and make it Modern? There is when it’s done in such a way in which something that looks old can still be meaningful for today. Christina paired a black console table from Found Vintage Rentals with a modern, straightforward tiered cake done so elegantly by A Spoonful of Sugar Cakes. The simplicity of the modern handmade flowers is so unconventional clean that it makes the vintage aspect fresh and new. The juxtaposition of these two items makes for a refreshing detail. Same goes for invitations. Modern shapes like a rectangular and long invitation paired with a clean font that is enriched with a Chinoiserie pattern (hand painted by Elsa Madeline) makes for a new twist on something old.

Natural, classic, but an oval floral bouquet by Nancy Liu Chin Designs is styled with a structured, deep ebony gown and a model who has simple makeup and natural flowing hair is an update. In the past, a formal gown would mean an updo but with natural flowers and a high fashion gown, you don’t need to make the makeup or hair too stuffy. From head to toe, this look is crisp and clean.

Lastly, we love embracing the old but making it new again. For example, old-fashioned drinks have been the rage in lounges and bars for quite a while. Why not pick one that works for you? An 80’s favorite appetizer like a Beggar’s purses found a new modern styling with Betty Zlatchin Catering. We served our vintage cocktail of choice, the French 75, in champagne coupes (see the recipe by Betty Zlatchin below). Poetry is another option! One of Christina’s favorite elements from this inspired shoot was to bring in a quote from the poem that inspired it all, She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron. The use of poetry, a wonderful quote that ties in the design, the mood, and really sets the tone of what the whole event is going to be about. Whatever you embrace, whatever is personal, whatever unconventional thing that you add that will make your wedding a little more special, just remember to make it about the two of you.